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Joanne's Early Years Experience

6 June 2024
In this blog, Early Years student Joanne shares her experiences, challenges, and the growth she has experienced along the way. 

Joanne decided to start a new career through studying Early Years at EKC Sheppey College. After being fast-tracked to completing her course in March, she is looking forward to starting a career in the Early Years sector.  

In this blog, she shares her experiences, challenges, and the growth she has experienced along the way. 

What have you enjoyed most about the Early Years Practitioner Level 2 course? 

“I’ve enjoyed being able to meet new people and learn new things. We had lots of experiences throughout the course. One thing I’ve enjoyed is looking in detail at safeguarding which has helped to support me in a new job I’ve got in a local nursery.” 

How has the course prepared you for your new job? 

“At first, I didn’t know what it was like to work in a nursery or school. To get some experience, I volunteered at a mother and baby group on the Island. I also took part in a dedicated work placement at College. This gave me a taste of what it was like in a school or nursery and I liked that. It gave me experience that’s prepared me a lot, as you get to make your mind up about whether this is the career for you.” 

What advice would you give to others considering this course? 

“I’d say just do it – you will learn so much. On the course, you get more experience and more chance of getting a job. I applied for this course as I knew I wanted to make a serious career out of Education, but I wasn’t sure, as an adult, how I would get there. My volunteering group recommended the College course and thought it could benefit me, so I went along and had a look and realised the course would help me significantly.” 

How has the College’s interview support helped you? 

“It’s been really good. I was worried about questions at the interview, how I was going to act and what answers I was going to give and they’ve helped a lot with this. In my initial interview training, I only answered a little bit at first, so I’ve learnt how to expand on my speech and confidence and sell myself. I left my interview for the Nursery feeling confident and feeling like I’d nailed it!” 

How did you find the experience as a mature student? 

“As a mature student, I wasn’t treated any differently by the 16-18 students. I think there’s always that worry that going back to College as an adult there may be some stigma, but this couldn’t be further from the truth. Everyone was shocked when I said what my real age was as we all got on so well!” 

How have you grown personally through this course? 

“I am more confident. When I first started College I was quiet and didn’t really talk that much, but now I’m able to talk in front of groups, new people and feel confident in job interviews.” 

Good Luck to Joanne as she starts in her new career. 

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