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Students’ Union

The Students’ Union at EKC Sheppey College is home to the College’s clubs and societies, and organises a wide range of exciting trips and events.

When you join EKC Sheppey College, you automatically become a member of the Students’ Union. 

The Students’ Union represents your voice and is there to ensure your College experience is the best it can be.

What can the SU do for you?

  • Give you access to student discounts and schemes that can help you save money
  • Organise trips to theme parks, concerts, theatre shows and more. All students get a say in the trips they would like to see run at their College
  • Run large campaigns to raise awareness about issues that matter to you
  • Set up a range of clubs and societies
  • Create a democratic society where you can vote for your Students’ Union President and Officers to represent you
  • Help you voice your thoughts on College life.

Take advantage of fun experiences

Our Student Experience Officer, Pasha (R), is on-hand to support the Students’ Union and provide exciting opportunities for students during their time at college.

She organises trips, activities and events across College to ensure all students get the best out of their learning experience.

Holly (L) is this year’s Students’ Union President and is looking forward to helping organise these across the year.