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Therese Hammond

Member – Local College Board

Born and brought up in Cardiff, Therese studied Technology and Consumer Science Degree at Digby Stuart College, Roehampton, London – part of Surrey University. 

She currently works for Kent Community Rail Partnership and having been there since 2017, she has facilitated many projects including working with our EKC Sheppey College students.

Therese was impressed with the passion and commitment of our staff to their students from the first day she was invited into EKC Sheppey College.

She is very proud of what the ongoing partnership has acheived, saying: “What could have been a small project has grown to become a project that aims to give tangible benefits to the students and in doing so their community. I am happy to offer whatever support I can to the College, it’s tutors and more specifically it’s students.”

When she reached 50, she decided to ‘semi-retire’ to give back after enjoying a fulfilling career across a range of industries and to have more time with her family. It was during this semi-retirement that she started working for Kent Community Rail Partnership.

Therese lives with her husband of over 25 years and her two children. In her spare time, she enjoys lots of sporting activities including cycling, pilates and walking. She also volunteers for a local church and started a book club over five years ago.

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