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Career Success at College – Daniel's Story

27 October 2023
Student Daniel has gained employment in the Prison Service, thanks to the career help and support available at College.

Student Daniel has gained employment in the Prison Service, thanks to the career help and support available at College. We spoke to him about his journey with us.

What course have you studied at College?

I have been studying Uniformed Public Services for the past year. I have been self-funding myself for the course as a 19+ learner, and due to my level of work I have completed the 2 year course in just 1 year. 

Why did Sheppey College appeal to you?

I particulary liked Sheppey College as due to its small size, everyone is very close together and we are like a big family. The staff are amazing, they will give answers to any questions as quickly as they can and they are very helpful overall. As this is the only College in the area, especially being part of EKC Group, it is a great opportunity to learn in a local environment, meaning you don’t have to travel elsewhere to get a great education. In terms of the course, I have always felt that I like to help people in some way. Working in a public service such as a prison or the police service, you are dealing with this everyday and helping people on a daily basis, so I feel this was the right course for me.

What experiences have you had at Sheppey College? 

As part of our course, we went on a trip for three weeks trip to Lisbon in Portugal. This trip allowed us to gain work experience in a variety of areas as well as travel abroad. I worked in a gym and accumulated a lot on info and skills from working there that can go to my future career. 

How did you get a career in the Prison Service?

We had a career fair in College, with lots of different employers, and my teacher said I should apply for the Prison Service who were there. With their help, I applied there and then, and started the process of employment. This took around 6 months, as there were multiple stages, such as an initial interview, role play assignment and a physical assessment etc. I have also been waiting for my pre-employment checks to be done, which have now been successful. 

How did you feel upon getting the job?

I was feeling nervous, as it took around a month for the pre-employment checks to come through, but I was very excited when I got the job. I am now looking forward to starting my career, and the College have helped so much with this.